A Great Choice…

On 13 August 2016, our four-bedroom house in suburban Baker, Louisiana, was flooded. We were the last family to leave our subdivision by car, as water was rising fast. We went into Baton Rouge and were fortunate to get the last hotel room at the Mariott. The waters at our home ended up rising to shoulder height, destroying everything in our house.

While seated in the lobby, we were approached by Chris Clark, seeking disaster reconstruction work. I trusted him and signed up with him on the spot.  My wife criticized me for not first checking his background and references.  While she was correct and I should have checked, I lucked out and made what I feel was a great choice.

During the eight months that he rebuilt our home, Mr. Clark showed great patience when delayed by the sluggishness of my mortgagee, Wells Fargo, in making requested inspections and in endorsing checks from FEMA payable jointly to me and to Wells Fargo. I would characterize Mr. Clark’s work as follows:

  1. Patience: – Mr. Clark is very patient
  2. Sensitivity: Mr. Clark was very sensitive to our preferences as to how the house should look when completed.
  3. Availability: Mr. Clark returned calls, emails and text messages promptly and personally met us or our lawyer at the site when requested.
  4. Complicating factors: Having no place to live in Baton Rouge, my wife and I took refuge for 5½ months in the Philippines, where we own rental properties. Mr. Clark had no problem working with us even though we were on the other side of the planet.
  5. Quality: The quality of work was excellent.
  6. Reasonableness: Mr. Clark stayed within the budget allowed by the federal flood insurance award.
Maurice F.

Stayed on Budget and Met our Deadline…

The Great flood of 2016 was an unwelcome event that brought lots of devastation to the greater Baton Rouge areas. Our home received 4 ft of water and had to be completely gutted and rebuilt. Without knowing any contractors in the area, it was a true blessing to come in contact with LionsGate Homes LLC.

Like with any home projects, there are always challenges and unexpected costs that arise and they had a ” can do” attitude and didn’t take no for an answer. The rebuild stayed on budget and still meet our deadline while keeping a positive attitude.

They have excellent as a project management and always expecting the unexpected they were very proactive. They showed GRIT under extremely challenging circumstances and always puts the client’s needs first.

I personally appreciated the entire companies efforts in keeping our project moving forward in spite of these challenges while minimizing any additional stress on our family.

Our family will be forever grateful for LionsGate Homes LLC and the quality of workmanship and professionalism that they displayed throughout our rebuild.

Jeff C.

Hardworking and Honest People…

The employees at LionsGate Homes LLC are amazing, hardworking and honest people. I hired them to remodel our outdated master bathroom. From start to finish they were very knowledgeable of the entire process. LionsGate Homes LLC had ideas that I never would have even thought of. We had a budget we wanted to stick to and, with the right choices for the flooring, granite etc. the room looks gorgeous without breaking the budget. It looks like an upscale spa in our home. My husband and I would highly recommend LionsGate Homes LLC for your needs.

Linda H.

A Breathe of Fresh Air…

I was invested in a project of building five townhomes. And long story short, and circumstances beyond my control, I was left with four unfinished townhomes.
Not knowing where to start and not far from a state of panic, I called LionsGate Homes LLC. It was like a breath of fresh air! They assessed the situation then gave me a plan of action. All of the employees were there to answer any questions along the way and help in any way needed. From color schemes, floors, light fixtures and everything in between.
Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without their help. Priceless!!

Bill O.

Home Sweet Home!

Home Sweet Home! We still have a few things to do like stain stairs, but it is gorgeous! Thank you to the people at LionsGate Homes LLC. It is more beautiful than I even imagined it would be! Love the floors! Very clean looking. Well done! Great color choices and contractor

Kimberly C

We are so grateful…

Some of the adjectives our friends are using. BEAUTIFUL!!, GORGEOUS!! AWESOME JOB!! We are so grateful we choose LionsGate Homes LLC as our contractor. We had heard so many horror stories. They are very professional and stayed on top of the project from start to finish. I could not believe how quick the job was completed.

Lee A.

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